Accessibility is building things that are fully usable for people with disabilities. There are many reasons to prioritize accessibility), including ethical, user experience, and legal motivations. Accessibility is also a long-recommended web standard (via WCAG).

Scientific Python communities and their projects need to be accessible and inclusive of disabled people. This SPEC is an agreement between projects to

  1. Actively make their work more accessible from software to documentation to community and more.
  2. Adopt global accessibility guidelines and Scientific Python-specific recommendations as is relevant per project.
  3. Investigate accessibility solutions where they find gaps in existing recommendations (especially for use cases specific to this ecosystem).
  4. Share accessibility knowledge and efforts across projects whenever possible.


At the time of writing, accessibility is not a regular consideration in many Scientific Python projects. Many projects may have a handful of people who have accessibility knowledge or are interested in acquiring more, but may not be able to reach critical mass on a per-project basis. Connecting Scientific Python community members focused on accessibility will provide a boon for individuals, projects, and the ecosystem at large.

If you are interested in this effort, join us now!


Global accessibility guidelines

There are accessibility guidelines that extend beyond the Scientific Python ecosystem; we respect those first and foremost. This includes

Please note that in many cases guidelines serve as a foundation for accessibility efforts. They are by no means the limit of what is needed to create enjoyably accessible work.

Scientific Python recommendations

For cases where ecosystem-specific recommendations are needed or examples of accessibility within the ecosystem are helpful, we also provide a list of resources designed to support the needs of our community.

If you would like to add, edit or suggest new recommendations, join the community at

Existing recommendations

Future recommendations

This may include recommendations that are in progress or have been requested by the community but not yet begun.

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Core Project Endorsement

Ecosystem Adoption