This is the main website of the Scientific Python project.


To better coordinate the ecosystem and support the community of contributors and maintainers.

The scientific Python ecosystem is a loose federation of community-developed and -owned Python projects widely used in scientific research, technical computing, and data science. The scientific Python community of contributors and maintainers are employed by a variety of universities, research labs, and companies. Historically, the community has been composed primarily of volunteers working in their free time over nights and weekends. Given the growing importance of these tools, funding to work on these projects has been increasing. However, volunteers continue to drive the development of these tools. This is true, in particular, because existing funding is largely short-term and not certain to continue.


  1. Open
  2. Community-driven
  3. Transparent

Ecosystem Projects#

There are a numerous projects that use Python for computing, but we focus specifically on projects that are:

Who we are#

Learn more about the community that powers Scientific Python.

What We Do#

We release all our work openly. In particular, all our code is released under a 3-Clause BSD or MIT license and documentation is released under the CC-BY license.

Read about the grants that fund the work we do.


The following people are involved with leading the overall project. For more information, see our governance and decision making process.

Emeritus Community Leaders

Other Teams#

As a coordinating effort, the Scientific Python project has several teams that operate across the ecosystem. Specific projects may have their own governance structures. For example, the SPEC Steering Committee governance model is described here.

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