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Planning for the Next Decade of Scientific Python

With an extensive and high-quality ecosystem of libraries, scientific Python has emerged as the leading platform for data analysis. This ecosystem is sustained by independent volunteers with separate mailing lists, websites, roadmaps, documentation, engineering and packaging solutions, and governance structures.

To better coordinate the ecosystem and prepare scientific Python for the next decade of data science, we will:

  1. Create recommendation infrastructure for community-wide policy,
  2. Improve common engineering infrastructure,
  3. Organize a series of developer events to discuss needs,
  4. Write a community vetted strategic plan, and
  5. Help the community develop grant proposals.

Our initial focus is on creating a recommendation infrastructure for community-wide policy and on improving common engineering infrastructure (see the SPEC documents).

Read the full grant.

This work is funded in part by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through grant GBMF8599 to the University of California, Berkeley.