General Planning Meeting



  • Jarrod Millman
  • Stéfan van der Walt
  • Brigitta Sipőcz
  • Juanita Gomez


The summit is scheduled for 1 hour and will consist of a series of high-level birds-of-a-feather (BoF)-style talks, followed by more focused discussion.

  1. (5 min) Welcome & Introductions (Jarrod Millman)

  2. (10 min) Logistics

  3. (30) Meeting Topics

    • Jarrod Millman: Goal

      • Unique opportunity to work on cross-project concerns
      • We should think big, but focus on achievable short-term goals
    • Stéfan van der Walt: Build systems

      • Starting to see Meson emerge as an excellent build option for compiled Scientific Python libraries
        • But there’s no “standard” configuration/documentation for standard workflows yet; numpy/scipy/scikit-image are all feeling it out
        • Editable installs just arrived, but work slightly differently to what we’re used to with pip install -e ..
      • Also starting to see more usage of as a convenient developer interface for various tasks
        • Still in alpha; tool is quite general so takes some figuring out what commands should be provided / which flags to support
      • Leah Wasser & PyOpenSci is working on community guidelines for packaging
        • One part of that is setting up small packages that use different tooling for comparison
        • This may be a good place to capture some of the Meson workflows mentioned
      • There is therefore technical, user interface, and documentation work to be done
    • Stéfan van der Walt: Sparse work

      • In the previous release of SciPy we introduced experimental Sparse Arrays
      • These arrays are limited to 2D, since they are built on top of Sparse Matrices
      • We hope to refactor scipy.sparse:
        • matrices should be built on top of arrays (if not deprecated entirely)
        • sparse arrays should support 1D and, eventually, N-D
        • sparse arrays should closely follows numpy array semantics
    • Brigitta Sipőcz: Shared infrastructure for SPECS and beyond

      • SPECs: The current SPEC drafts are documents about policies the core libraries opt-in to follow (e.g. producing and using developer versions in testing), however, template implementation / suggested examples are needed to work out.
      • Testing: Libraries facing the same or very similar doctesting and docs building challenges, aggregating the needs and centralizing these efforts
      • Tutorial infrastructure
    • Juanita Gomez: Community

      • Community management
      • Documentation
  4. (10 min) Discussion

  5. (5 min) Wrap up and next steps

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